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Card of the Day

WSEL 2017 - Second Season2017-06-02 08:46:12

Hello people!
The Ladder has been again and we are ready for the new Season!

As always, we have some changes to improve the system.
This time is about the Point System. The only change is about scoring system:

  • 0,07 for each position earned, coming from the last one
  • 0,73 for every swiss round
  • Bonus point to Top (check the Rules Section for details)

Additional, we will give some extra invitation for some really special events.
The first one will be for the Climax Cup, a tournaments series that involves different locations organized by WS-France!

Least, but not last, we will add Slovenia to the League. Welcome!
We will have additional locations for the League: check the Locations Page for news about shops for WS in your zone.

We are almost ready. And you ... are you ready?

WSEL 20172017-01-07 19:03:32

Hello Players!
European Ladder has been reset and we are ready for a New Year!

For this year, WSEL will have 2 Season, and the first one will start on the 15th January. Soon we will set up tournaments calendar.

We will have some updates for this year.

The first one is for tournament format.
We removed the TOP cut for tournament with 8 or less players (so, only swiss round will be played) and each location can choose turn duration. We clarified some rules for low top (5-8) and leave to the shop the decision to play it or not.

Point System will be the same: you can play any tournament you want, but only the one with the highest score in the Episode will be used for calculation. National Ladder, based on tournaments played in each country, are still up!

Scoring is the same as usual:

  • 0,19 for each position earned, coming from the last one (so more players will grant more points!)
  • 0,60 for every swiss round
  • Bonus point to Top based on standings

Additional, we have the ReMatch! What is this?
Every location could ask for a ReMatch tournaments during the Season.
ReMatch does not count for attendance or normal Point System. By the way, you best result from the ReMatch during a Season will allow you to replace (if better) your worst Episode (even if you miss the Episode!).

We are almost ready. And you, are you ready?

Weiss Schwarz European League - Test Season2016-07-27 14:35:18

Weiss Schwarz Players to me!
Do not miss the chance of taking part to the new competitive circuit of Weiss Schwarz in Europe, the Weiss Schwarz European League!

The Weiss Schwarz Italia Team join forces with communities from Austria, France, Portugal, Spain and UK to create a new Tournament circuit, where players will compete with opponents from other european countries in a competitive circuit that will last an entire year!

The League Ladder System is based on the recent Italian Championship, organized and held by Weiss Schwarz Italia.

Our goal is to give players a fun and well organized competitive environment, in which each person who joins can enjoy the game at its highest level, partake in several Sanctioned Tournaments all over Europe and be crowned “King of Europe” in a Final Event where we will see the best players face each other every year.

The first Test Season will start the 01/09/2016 and ends the 07/12/2016.
Winners of WSELeague Test Season, gain the Invitation to the Final in Rome the 18th December 2016, joining winning players from the first 2 Italian Championship Season.
There will be also a Last Chance Qualifier the 17th December and several special events! 

How to partecipate?
To join the WSELeague, you have just to take part in some Sanctioned Tournaments, organized in several location around Europe, and do your best!
Each placement, each single match won can give you the points you need to obtain prizes and the invitation to the Final!
You must Register on this site to be able to collect Ladder points! 

You could have noted that some stuff of the site is changing: they are all small updates to improve just for the beginning of WSELeague. You can see the flags of your country added to your profile (you can change them from your account management page, if wrong); the Shop section will be updated for a better visualization and for an improved management of WSELeague Locations; all the Location that take part to the WSELeague will be added; those and lot more fixes are going to make the site easy for your use and consultation!
Remember that in your profile on this site you can see your WSI-Code: this is your personal identification as players that we need for the reports of Sanctioned Tournaments in which you partecipate and for the correct add of Ladder points you gain; the WSI-Code must be given to Location owners during the enrollment of Sanctioned Tournaments you play.

Pls Join us on Facebook! Weiss Schwarz European League

If you are looking for more information, you can find them in this site!
For anything else, pls contact your Country responsible:

Austria-> Stadler Tristan

Francia-> Do Cao Tri; Froche Christophe; Tony Nuage

Italia-> Grazini Massimiliano; Proietti Petretti Diego; Rizzo Francesco; 

Portogallo-> Guerreiro Sara; Nunes Tiago

Spain-> Moisés Sanchez Solano

UK-> Alex Horspool


*WSItalia Team*
*WSELeague Head Organizers*

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