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Strik Kurt
WSEL2017 - S1

Personal League Statistics

Best Score in single tournamentScoreSet playedTournament
[28 Players]
Persona [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 4 [2017/04/21] Siren Games

Best Standing in single tournamentStandingSet playedTournament

[28 Players]
10.93Persona [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 4 [2017/04/21] Siren Games

Played Tournaments

ScoreStandingSet playedTournament
[19 Players]
1.96Puyo Puyo [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 1 [2017/01/20] Siren Games

[23 Players]
9.99Detective Opera Milky Holmes [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 2 [2017/02/17] Siren Games

[18 Players]
5.08Puyo Puyo [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 3 [2017/03/17] Siren Games

[28 Players]
10.93Persona [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 4 [2017/04/21] Siren Games
[26 Players]
3.67Puyo Puyo [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - Episode 5 [2017/05/05] Siren Games


ScoreStandingSet playedTournament

[28 Players]
5.60Detective Opera Milky Holmes [Japanese]
WSEL2017 - S2 - [2017/05/19] Siren Games

Present Season

Past Season List
WSEL2017 - S2
WSEL2017 - S1

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