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Tournaments stops until 15th April, extended until 15th May2020-04-15 13:18:06

In acccording to Bushiroad decision to postpone events due to COVID-19, WSEL will stop sanctioning tournaments.

As always, shops will have their politics and if they want to have tournaments it will be their own decision, but tournament will not be sanctioned (and will grant no points or other) for WSEL.

This stop will last until 15th April, for now.

Of course, we will move every tournament cancelled this way after that date, and take extra adjustment if needed for WSEL2020.

I know this could make someone unhappy, but we will use Bushiroad words as guideline: "Our players' health and safety is of utmost importance to us, and we seek your kind understanding with regards to this matter".

Edit: Tournaments stops extend until 15 May.

WSEL2020 starts!2020-02-01 13:25:09

Hello players!

Today, we are beginning WSEL2020: some tournaments are already up, and more will come in the next days.
The scoring system will be the same from WSEL2019, but we are still working on invitations (so, something on that may still change).

Have fun and thanks for joining us in WSEL2020!

Finals incoming!2019-11-21 08:28:51

Hello Players!
Due to various requests from the National Representatives, and in accordance with the fact that ENG and JP World Finals are confirmed to be on different dates, I will now allow invited players to participate in the WSEL Finals even if they already have sponsored BCS invites. Hope to see you soon for LCQ and Finals!

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