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WSEL 20192019-01-07 20:38:35

Hello Players!
Ladder have been reset and we are ready for a new year.
We are updating rules section, but here you will have the main changes.

  • 8 Episodes, best 6 used for score. Sanctioned tournaments will end up to 15 September, so we will have more time for Major Events! No more time limits for Episodes.
  • Not every player will be "valid players" for WSEL. Only registered players, with decks that follow japanese restriction list (even for english decks) will be counted for WSEL and will obtain points.
  • Scoring System will have some changes, and Soul Bonus will be removed for now.

More updates, as well as prizes, will be added in the future weeks.
WSEL will start the 15th of Jenuary!
Let's go players!

WGP2018 and Finals2018-08-17 17:53:46

Hello players!

It's time: we are happy to inform you that, for the second year, the Weiss Schwarz European League Finals will be valid as the European WGP qualifier, the Bushiroad circuit for Japanese-language cards.
So, the winner of the League will receive an invitation and accommodation for the WGP final that will be held in Japan at the beginning of next year!

Additionally, we will have some Special Qualifiers (which will be WGP events) which will ensure a direct invitation to the Finals.
Here is a date list (take notes and be prepared!):

- 14th Oct: Italy WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Casa Dei Giochi Uesm, Milan
- 4th Nov: Germany WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Heinze, Duisburg
- 17th Nov: France WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Epitanime, Paris
- 24th Nov: Austria & Slovenia WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Siren Games, Vienna
- 25th Nov: UK WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Geek Retreat Birmingham, Birmingham

**** 8th Dec: Last Chance Qualifier || Angeli e Draghi, Rome
**** 9th Dec: Finals || Angeli e Draghi, Rome

Qualifiers (including the Last Chance Qualifier that will be held the day before the Final) and Final will be "*Japanese-only cards*" events, and the following sets/titles may not be used:

- Girl Friend Beta
- Godzilla
- Madoka Magia Record
- Macross F
- School Girl Strikers
- Star Wars

Further details will be available soon here and on Facebook page.

WSEL20182018-01-01 16:02:12

Hello guys and Happy New Year!

I would like to thank everyone who spent time for the survey about this year.
It helped me a lot: most of the changes planned during past months fits quite well for problems/requests from you answers, and this is good.

So, we are in 2018, and it's time to talk about the League System for this year.

For WSEL2018, we will have one Season only for the entire year.
We will have 9 Episodes, and (as for past Seasons) only the best score you obtain during an episode will give you points for the Ladder.
Episode boundaries will overlap (for more "flexible" dates) but no location will have an “incorrect” order for the episodes.

For the Final Score, only the best six episode scores will added toghter, so we do not need anymore the ReMatch mechanic.

Swiss and Top cut numbers will be the same.

Scoring system will have some changes and we introduce the Soul Bonus, that give a little boost to score for consistent players: please check here for the complete system. :)

We changed a lot the system of invitations: we will have a smaller and more competitive final. Some of this invitations can be earned by National Qualifiers: a small tournament from top ladder elements.

And of course we will have promotional materials for the league as always

Last, but not least, we improved statistics about current and past seasons (and additional improvement will follow in the next weeks).

We will have additional information about dates, prizes and other stuff soon!

Welcome 2018! :)

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