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WSEL20182018-01-01 16:02:12

Hello guys and Happy New Year!

I would like to thank everyone who spent time for the survey about this year.
It helped me a lot: most of the changes planned during past months fits quite well for problems/requests from you answers, and this is good.

So, we are in 2018, and it's time to talk about the League System for this year.

For WSEL2018, we will have one Season only for the entire year.
We will have 9 Episodes, and (as for past Seasons) only the best score you obtain during an episode will give you points for the Ladder.
Episode boundaries will overlap (for more "flexible" dates) but no location will have an “incorrect” order for the episodes.

For the Final Score, only the best six episode scores will added toghter, so we do not need anymore the ReMatch mechanic.

Swiss and Top cut numbers will be the same.

Scoring system will have some changes and we introduce the Soul Bonus, that give a little boost to score for consistent players: please check here for the complete system. :)

We changed a lot the system of invitations: we will have a smaller and more competitive final. Some of this invitations can be earned by National Qualifiers: a small tournament from top ladder elements.

And of course we will have promotional materials for the league as always

Last, but not least, we improved statistics about current and past seasons (and additional improvement will follow in the next weeks).

We will have additional information about dates, prizes and other stuff soon!

Welcome 2018! :)

WSEL 2017 is Over!2017-12-07 20:09:06

Hello people!

WSEL2017 is over and we have a WINNER: he is Christophe Chan from France, but we know him as Nakashima!

He is our Champion for this year and will be the Europe fighter for the World Grand Prix finals in January!

A special thanks to Angeli e Draghi for the big help (and shop rooms ) for this amazing event. 

A few extra informations: we had 50 players for the Final Event, and this was Top 4 players list:

1) Christophe Chan (Index / Railgun)
2) Moisés Sánchez Solano (Rewrite)
3) De Jun Zhou (Re:Zero)
4) Volpe Valerio (Monogatari Series)

Here is the complete played set list:

Re:Zero [x8]
Rewrite [x8]
Index / Railgun [x7]
Is the order a Rabbit?? [x3]
Charlotte [x2]
Idolmaster [x2]
Idolmaster Cinderella Girls [x2]
Kantai Collection [x2]
Persona [x2]
Sword Art Online [x2]
Attack on Titan [x1]
Bang Dream [x1]
Chain Chronicle [x1]
Detective Opera Milky Holmes [x1]
Kemono Friends [x1]
Kiznaiver [x1]
Log Horizon [x1]
Love Live! Sunshine!! [x1]
Monogatari Series [x1]
Osumatsu [x1]
Prisma Illya [x1]
Vivid Strike! [x1]

And here is the played set list during Last Chance Qualifier:

Kemono Friends [x6]
Persona [x5]
Index / Railgun [x4]
Re:zero [x3]
Sword Art Online [x3]
Detective Opera Milky Holmes [x2]
Symphogear [x2]
Accel World [x1]
Charlotte [x1]
Clannad [x1]
Fate Series [x1]
Guilty Crown [x1]
Hina Logic ~from Luck & Logic~ [x1]
Idolmaster [x1]
Is the order a Rabbit?? [x1]
Kantai Collection [x1]
Kiznaiver [x1]
Monogatari Series [x1]
Osomatsu [x1]
Puyo Puyo [x1]
Requiem for the phantom [x1]
Sengoku BASARA [x1]
To Love-Ru [x1]

Soon we will start upload Featured Matches from Final (and Last Chance Qualifier, too!).

And soon we will start talking about news for WSEL2018.

WSEL 2017 - Season 2 over2017-11-25 12:52:30

Hello everyone!
The WSEL2017 Season 2 is over. We are ready for our final event!

In a few hours you will find your profiles updated with invitations and participation prizes. We hope you had fun playing during this Season, and we ask you to join us in the Final stage of WSEL2017!

Here youou may find a list of invited players for the 3rd December.

If you did not earn an invitation during this year, you have an opportunity the 2nd december, the day before the Finals, during the Last Chance Qualifier!
Top4 Players will be invited to partake the Final the day after.
Here you can find additional information about Final event.

Last, but not least, congratulations to Dominik Zacrhau for his first place in the European Ladder!

Thank you for you partecipation!

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