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Finals incoming!2019-11-21 08:28:51

Hello Players!
Due to various requests from the National Representatives, and in accordance with the fact that ENG and JP World Finals are confirmed to be on different dates, I will now allow invited players to participate in the WSEL Finals even if they already have sponsored BCS invites. Hope to see you soon for LCQ and Finals!

National Qualifiers2019-09-08 12:34:04

Hello players!
So here we are to announce dates for National Qualifiers:

Germany: 22/09 - 13:00 - Otakustore (Berlin)
France: 13/10 - 14:00 - Epitanime (Paris)
Italy: 19/10 - 16:00 - Angeli e Draghi (Rome)
UK: 26/10 - 11:00 - Wargames Workshop (Milton Keynes)
Spain: 26/10 - 17:00 - Only Cards (Vigo)
Austria: 9/11 - 19:00 - Siren Games (Vienna)

In a few days we will have the final results from sanctioned tournaments, so we will have the complete list for Finals invitations and Nationals allowed players.

Also, as past years, we will have a lot of partecipation prizes!

- Top 1 from every National Attendance Ladder will receive a WS Binder.
- Top 25% players from National Attendance Ladder will receive a Random Playmat
- Top 1 from every Shop Ladder will receive a Random Playmat
- Every player that partake at least 2 sanctioned tournaments will receive a Random Sleeves Pack
- For every player that partake at least 4 sanctioned tournaments will receive an additional Random Sleeves Pack

Additional prizes will be granted for players during Finals and National Qualifiers.

All prizes are under the "while stock last" condition and may be claimed during Finals.

WSEL / WGP Finals 20192019-08-16 15:35:41

Hello players!

It's time: we are happy to inform you that, for the third year, the Weiss Schwarz European League Finals will be valid as the European WGP qualifier, the Bushiroad circuit for Japanese-language cards.
So, the winner of the League will receive an invitation and accommodation for the WGP final that will be held in Japan at the beginning of next year!

We will have Special Qualifiers (which will be WGP events) which will ensure a direct invitation to the European Finals:
- 12th Oct [Registration Time 1:00 PM]: France WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Association Epitanime, Paris [Epita 14/16 Rue Voltaire 94276 Kremlin Bicêtre Cedex, Paris, France]
- 27th Oct [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: UK WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Geek Retreat Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes [207 Queensway, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, MK2 2EE, UK]
- 2nd Nov [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: Germany WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Level 9000 Gmbh, Aachen [Alexanderstrasse 37, 52062 Aachen, Germany]
- 9th Nov [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: Austria & Slovenia WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Siren Games, Vienna [Friedmanngasse 13, 1160 Wien, Austria]
- 17th Nov [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: Italy WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier || Casa Dei Giochi, Milan [Via Sant'Uguzzone, 8, 20126 Milano (MI), Italy]

- 14th Dec [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: Last Chance Qualifier || Angeli e Draghi, Rome [Via Luigi Vanvitelli, 5, 00153 Rome (RM), Italy]
- 15th Dec [Registration Time 10:00 AM]: Finals || Angeli e Draghi, Rome [Via Luigi Vanvitelli, 5, 00153 Rome (RM), Italy]

Qualifiers (including the Last Chance Qualifier that will be held the day before the Final) and Final will be "*Japanese-only cards*" events.
Additional information about format, regulation and prized will be added after August! :)

Further details will be available soon here and on our Facebook Page!

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