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WGP / WSEL Special Qualifier - Germany 4th November
Location "Auenland"
Date: From 04/11/2017 to 04/11/2017
Starting Time: 11:00
Subscribers: 3

WGP is coming!
For this year, WGP European invitation can be earned through WSEL Finals.

There are Special Qualifiers for players that do not gain an invitation from Ladders.
The Top 2 players from Special Qualifier will get an invitation to the WSEL Finals, that will grant invitation to WGP final phase in Japan.

About rulings:

• Format: Neo Standard (please read set restrictions below)
• Structure: Swiss rounds followed by top 8*
• Prizes: Participation prize + prizes for top player

– Please note that Girlfriend Beta, Macross, Schoolgirl Strikers and Star Wars cards are NOT allowed for each Qualifiers
– Only players living in Europe can enter WGP 2017 European Qualifier Events (WSEL Special Qualifiers and Finals).
– Only Japanese cards will be allowed
– The back of the sleeves must be opaque so that no difference can be told between cards.
– All cards officially released before or on the day of a qualifier are eligible
– Translations using HOTC (Heart of the Cards) are required.

*Tournament structure: Before top 8
– Swiss rounds
– Best of 1: 1 game per round
– Duration of a round: 30 minutes. 3 extra turns after time has been called, and the winner will be declared according to the difference between the damage from each player if there is a draw between them after these extra turns
– The number of rounds between top 8 will be decided according to the number of players.
– The ranking will be defined by the Bushiroad software
– A player will be automatically disqualified if he misses 2 rounds

Top 8
– Direct elimination
– Best of 1: 1 game per round
– Duration of a round: No time limit.

Participation prize: PR Goods

WSEL finals will take place in Rome (Italy) on 3rd December 2017. The winner will be invited to Japan for the WGP final phase!

Schwanenwall 7, 44135 Dortmund, Germany

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