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WSEL 2023 is coming!2023-03-13 14:21:09

Hello everyone!
WSEL is back with 2023 edition.

The basic mechanics will stay the same as past years:

- The scoring system for tournaments will remain the same as before.
- English ban list for English exclusive titles (the english-only ones), Japanese ban list for every other title.
- There will be 6 episodes held from 15th March until 15th October.
- Only the 5 best episodes for each player will be used for each respective ladder
- Like before, there will be a National ladder as well as ladders for each Shop

- We will have Nationals as past year, but probably they will have some changes.
Invitation from National to Finals will be based on the number of players from the event itself:
    5 or less: TOP 1
    6 - 11: TOP 2
    12 or more: TOP 3

For countries with 15 or less total players, or with only 1 shop, the Top 4 will be invited to the National final.
For all other countries, the player at the top of each Shop ladder will be invited to the National final, furthermore players will be invited based on their standing in the National ladder, to make up a minimum 8 players invited, or 16 for countries with 48 or more players.
Information regarding Invitations, Nationals and European Finals may be subject to changes anche will be confirmed at a later date: we will probably have direct invitations from Special Events, too.

Please join us and stay tuned for more information, soon!

WSEL 2022 Informations2022-12-14 21:05:02

Hello players!

We are almost ready for WSEL2022 Finals. As stated before, we'll meet at Casa dei Giochi, in Milan,  the 14th-15th january 2023: please join us!

14th January - Last Chance Qualifier:
Registration starts at 10:00.
Tournament starts at 11:00.
We will have a lunch break after 2nd round (about 40 minutes).

Top players will get an invitation for WSEL Finals, the day after.
Number of invitations will be based on number of partecipants:

8 or less players: Top1 inviation
9-16 players: Top 2 invitations
17-32 players: Top 3 invitations
33+  players: Top 4 invitations

IMPORTANT NOTE: you have to pre-register to partake this event.
Please use this link to confirm your registration!

As tradition for WSEL events, Last Change Qualifier entry fee and prizes will be managed by host (Casa dei Giochi), but we are sure you'll find them interesting!

15th January - WSEL 2022 Finals:

Registration starts at 10:00.
Tournament starts at 11:00.
We will have a lunch break after 2nd round (about 40 minutes).
Side events will starts at 13:00!

Join us!

WSEL 2022 Finals, save the date!2022-11-25 19:58:03

Hello Players,
we are happy to announce the Final events for WSEL2022!

We will meet in Milan, the 15th of January 2023!
Our location will be, of course, Casa dei Giochi, in Via Sant'Uguzzone 8.

Important note!
The day before the final, 14th of January, we will held a special "Last Chance Qualifier", which will ensure a direct invitation to the Finals (the  day after). Invitations number granted by Last Chance Qualifier is based on partecipants number.

Further details will be available soon here and on Facebook page.

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