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WSELeague Rules


Introduction to the Weiss Schwarz European League

The European League is a tournament circuit for Weiss Schwarz players all over Europe. 

Our goal is to give players a fun and well organized competitive environment, in which each person who joins can enjoy the game at its highest level, partake in several Sanctioned Tournaments all over Europe and be crowned “King of Europe” in a Final Event each year where we will see the best players face each other.

We aim to increase the number of Weiss Schwarz players in Europe, make for them easier to find groups of passionate people and places where to play making it easier to be introduced in a Competitive stage; as WSELeague use a single Ladder for all European players and last an entire year, each player can learn the game, grow up in skill, know people and join several tournaments while he is already into the competitive circuit; as well, experienced players will find new fierce opponents to face!

Every player will have to be careful at any time to his actual ranking in order to gain an invitation for the Finals. During each tournament, each single win, each placement can give him the points he needs; our intention is to make players “move” from a Location to another, to take part to the greatest number of Sanctioned Tournaments possible; this will help the grows of the game and its share, giving Shops/Venue who host Sanctioned Tournament a push to promote the game.

How does it works?

The Weiss Schwarz European League is a tournament circuit on 2 levels. 

The first level is a competition with a championship format. Each player can join Sanctioned Tournaments all over Europe held in Shops/Venue/Associations (formally called Locations) during the League period. The WSELeague last 1 year and is divided into 9 Episodes. Sanctioned Tournaments are scheduled following Episodes periods. 
Players who partake into WSELeague Tournaments take Points in the International Ladder. Those points are guaranteed depending on the performance during each tournaments: final ranking, matches won, TOP results.

The 2nd level is a Final Tournament where the top players of the League will compete. Each player gain access to the Final winning invitations during the League.


Players participation

To be pe part of WSEL System and obtain points, prizes and invitations, players MUST be registered on On Tournament registration, give your WSCode to TO for correct registration. Registered name on WSEL Website and Report name must be the same and must be the real name.
This is mandatory: fail to this process will bring you to lose the benefit of the tournament.

If you are registred and waiting for confirmation (so, you do not have you a WSCode yet), please tell your TO so this can be noted while reporting.

WSELeague Invitations

Players can take part into several Sanctioned Tournaments during the entire year in order to obtain access to the last stage, the WSELeague Final.

WSEL2018 year is divided into 9 Episodes. Each Episode is a predetermined period of time during which Sanctioned Tournaments are scheduled. No single Location can have more than 1 Sanctioned Tournaments during a single Episode (with really rare exception).

Each player can join any number of sanctioned tournament he want to take part to, but he will obtain ONLY the best amount of points he got in his best tournament during each Episode.

(example: During a single Episode I played 3 Sanctioned Tournaments, obtaining respectively 4, 6 and 9 points. The points granted to me for this Episode are 9; During 2 different Episodes I played 3 Sanctioned Tournaments, obtaining respectively 4 and 9 points in tournaments during Episode 1 and 6 points in the tournament during Episode 2 = my total number of points are 15 [9 for first Episode, as it is my best result, plus 6 for 2nd Episode, as it is my only result])

Ladder Points are collected into 2 different ladders: International Ladder and National Ladder.

Any player who joins the WSELeague taking part to a Sanctioned Tournaments appears in the International Ladder.
Any player who joins the WSELeague taking part to a Sanctioned Tournaments appears in the respective National Ladder of that Location.

Each player can obtain an Invitation to the Final in different ways:

  • International Ladder Ranking
  • National Ladder Ranking
  • National Qualifiers
  • Last Chance Qualifier
  • Special Qualiers
  • Special Events

International Ladder: TOP1.
The highest score players uninvited and unrejected from the European Ladder will gain an invitation.
After invitation assignment, player will have to confirm his/her presence for the Final. If invitation is rejected, it will move to the next available player (following ladder order).
Invitation will not pass down more than once.  

National Ladders: TOP 1 (2).
After European Ladder check, Top1 players uninvited and unrejected from Nationals Ladder (for country with 9+ players registered on the ladder) will gain an invitation.
Country Ladder with 65+ registered players on will receive an additional invitation (so Top2 Players uninvited and unrejected will gain an invitation).
After invitations assignment, players will have to confirm their presence for the Final: if not, invitations will move to the next available/unrejected/uninvited player (following Ladder order).
Invitations will not pass down more than once.

National Qualifiers [1 - 2]
Each country with 16+ registered players will have a National Qualifier. The winner of National Qualifier will get a invitation to the Final (for 65+ Country Ladder, Top2 player will get an invitation for the Final).

Country Ladder with 16-32 registered players will have TOP 4 players invited to the National Qualifier.
Country Ladder with 33-64 registered players will have TOP 8 players invited to the National Qualifier.
Country Ladder with 65+ registered players will have TOP 16 players invited to the National Qualifier.

Invitation to National Qualifier (and the one to Final granted from Qualifier)  will not get confirmation.
Additional information about National Qualifier will be added in future.
By default, National Qualifier will be played the day before the Last Chance Qualifier, in the same location (but this is subject to change, based on local needs).

Last Chance Qualifier: TOP 2.
TOP 2 players from Last Chance Qualifier, the day before the Final, will get an invitation. Player rejected or invited cannot be part of LCQ. Invitations will not pass down.

Only players registred on the WSEL website will be displayed on WSEL Ladders (and only registered players count for invitation number).

Special Qualifiers: TOP1
Special Qualifiers are WGP-related events, and they will be Japanese-only cards events.
Here is the date list:

Special Events: Special
Additional invitations can be obtain during special events. Additional information will be added on need.

Tournaments Bracket

Some Shop Tournaments of Locations taking part to the WSELeague are improved into Sanctioned Tournaments. Sanctioned Tournaments have their ruling and bracket fixed, the same for each WSELeague Tournament. Only Sanctioned Tournaments grants points for the WSELeague Ladder to players.

Follows the Tournament Bracket organization used for WSELeague 2018 Seasons:
  • Minimum number of players: 6

If number of participants falls below this, the tournament will not be considered valid for the Championship ladder.

  • Format: NeoStandard Mixed Languages - Modified

Each players select and declare a Title and a Language. Each card in his deck must be from the selected title and in the selected language. If the Title has some restriction, and those restriction refers to the selected language, then he must follow the stated ban list. Deck construction rules follows for anything else the Neostandard regulation.

  • Swiss Rounds:  The number of rounds to play depends on number of fighters.
  • Duration of a single round: 25/30/35 Minutes (location TO's choice).
  • 6 - 8 Players = 3 Rounds
  • 9 - 16 Players = 4 Rounds
  • 17 - 32 Players = 5 Rounds
  • 33 - 64 Players = 6 Rounds
  • 65+ Players = 7 Rounds
  • After Swiss rounds end, top players will go ahead to single elimination rounds.

Players who pass to the single elimination stage:

6 - 7 Players = No Top Cut

8 - 15 Players = Top4

16+ Players = Top8

  • Fight till there's a winner!!!

3rd and 4th place match must be played too.

For 16+ players tournaments, TOP 5-8 may be played, determinated by Swiss Result or pair method (TO choices), but it should be announced before the tournament.

WSELeague Points Calculation

Here the Points Calculation used for WSELeague 2018:

Tournament Points
Episode Base Score:
If the tournament has 10+ players: 100 points. If the tournament has 20+ players: 100 extra points (for a total of 200 base points).

900 points per swiss round won from the player.


6-7 players:
2000 extra points for 1°
1250 extra points for 2°
8-15 players:
2500 extra points for 1°
1750 extra points for 2°
1500 extra points for 3°
1000 extra points for 4°
16+ players:

2500 extra points for 1°
1750 extra points for 2°
1500 extra points for 3°
1000 extra points for 4°
500 extra points for 5°-8°

13 * Beaten Points

Beaten Points
N. of Total Players - Final Standing Position.

If tournament score for a player is <500, it becomes 500.
Players that drop during tournament gets 0 points, as always.

The best Six Episodes scores will be added to obtain the Total Score.

Soul bonus

Soul bonus will grand additional point to consistent players. It is composed by 3 different values, added togheter:

Number of Episodes where, in the highest scoring tournament, you placed in upper half of the standing (with odd number of players, the one in the exact half still take the bonus).
  • 5 or less: +0%
  • 6: +1%
  • 7: +2%
  • 8: +3%
  • 9: +5%

  Number of Episodes where, in the highest scoring tournament, you placed in TOP cut (No Top for 6-7, Top4 for 8-15 players, Top8 for 16+ players).
  • 5 or less: +0%
  • 6: +1%
  • 7: +3%
  • 8: +6%
  • 9: +10%

TOTAL number of Top1 obtained:
  • 1 or less: +0%
  • 2 - 3: +1%
  • 4: +2%
  • 5: +3%
  • 6: +4%
  • 7: +5%
  • 8: +6%
  • 9 or more: +10%

The Soul bonus will be added to the Total Score to obtain you Power.

Apart from Ladder Points, each player who take part in a Sanctioned Tournament gain 1 Presence Point. Presence Points collected grants prizes at the end of the Season.

In the International and National Ladder, players are ranked by:

Power -> TOP 1 -> Attendance

In the Attendance Ladder, players are ranked by:

Attendance -> Power -> TOP 1

This model may be subject to change as Head Organizer collects results and always work in order to fix the System in the best way possible.

Prizes, Participation fees and Reports

Single Tournaments participation fees and prizes are in care of the locations managers. WSELeague organization do not request any participation fee to players or to the shops. As Sanctioned Tournaments are effectively Shop Tournaments upgrades (that grants Points to players and have better advertise/interest) they still remain Shop Tournaments for fees and prizes matter, so shops/venue must take care of costs, participation fees and prizes.

Points gained from players are updated to the ladder by Head Organizer after the tournament ends and the responsible communicate the Tournament Report.

The WSELeague organization grants prizes at the end of each Season and at the end of Finals. Those prizes are announced during the year and is mainly based on Attendance. Additional prizes for the final are added by sponsors.

Base promotional material comes from Bushiroad support.

The WSELeague is not for profit. The WSELeague is made by fan and passionate people to help the share and knowledge of the game, with no intention to infringe copyright.
The WSELeague is sponsored by Angeli e Draghi, Italian Distributor for Weiss Schwarz and other Bushiroad products.


  • Top 1 players from Shop Attendance Ladders (only for shop with 6+ played tournaments) will receive a Weiss Schwarz binder;
  • Top 1 players from National Attendance Ladders (only for country with 10+ registred players) will receive a random playmat (2 for country with 33+ registered players, 3 for country with 65+ registered players);
  • Top 25% player from National Attendance Ladder (only for country with 10+ registred players) will receive a random sleeves pack;
  • Top 1 European Ladder and Top 1 National Ladder (for country with 10+ registered player; 2 for country with 65+ registered players) will receive a random cloth playmat.

Additionally, Top players from National Qualifiers (1 for 4 players National Qualifiers, 2 for 8 players National Qualifiers, 4 for 16 players National Qualifiers) will receive a random random cloth playmat and finalists will receive a random playmat and additional materials during the Finals.

Prizes will be assigned "while stocks last".
Since we will try to give prizes to the greatest number of players possible, we will not allow to "duplicate" prizes, so if a player obtain the same prizes from two sources, the second one will pass to the next player.


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This site is "fan-made". Any information is created and/or gathered by WSELeague Team as reference for european players. This is NOT Bushiroad official materials. WSELeague Team is a no-profit group and we do NOT intend any copyright infringement. All rights and trademarks and other stuffs are reserved for their legitimate owner. If you experience troubles about it, please contact us.